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As for the M7, it being a light tank isn't much of a stretch. It initially was classified as light tank before just barely falling into the medium tank weight class. CapPhrases, on Mar 30 - Hurk, on Mar 30 - I just checked to see if they made it any better because I forgot it exists.

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Yep, it is still terrible. So they are still going to have scout mm? Hrmm I wonder then if it will keep its scout mm then if nothing is altered. If it gets normal mm its going to be quite stronk.

Yes I can see that happening. I wouldn't personally complain as it does quite well with scout mm but otoh I certainly wouldn't complain if it gets normal.

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Has crazy as this sounds M41 90 will be Xx1Tommy1xX, on Mar 30 - Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: T21 - What is it good for? Started by Putana , Jan 15 Putana 1 Posted 15 January - This thing is seriously underpowered and unsuited to what its meant to be. Id say I know how to scout.


Im not great at it, but I know what to do, where to go, how to move around a battlefield. Love the mobility and hitting tanks from the sides. So I tried to scout. The matchmaker it gets tier 10 means I play with tanks that have MORE viewrange than I do making passive scouting difficult. Combined with its size, it making active scouting all but impossible. The T21 is a heavy light tank at 23t.

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It is slower across soft ground, turns slower, goes up hills slower, has a lower top speed than the other scouts. I struggled to outpace a T44 in one game, trying to get to a scout bush once the game started. Its armour … cough… what armour. Should be made out of paper. The Tier 2 hotchy has more armour! Chaffe and 12t have a better gun, more pen and more dmg. It only beats the … JUST.

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  • The only positive is the gun depression — which I must say is insanely good. Trying to play as a mediums…. No armour, no HP, poor gun. This tank needs a buff…. I like T21's they go pop nice and satisfyingly ;. NZSnipes 3 Posted 15 January - It's a good tank, but it does not deserve Tier 10 matchmaking.

    They goofed up there. If it got up to Tier 8 it would be fine. I do have a T which to me seems way better as a scout than the T21 , but it is hardly one of my favorite tanks. So perhaps my lack of experience with this class of tanks stops me from seeing the strengths of the T And since it seems I'm stuck with it for another XP, I need some advise.

    So to those who do manage to make the T21 work against a team of high tier heavies, how do you play it?

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    What attributes are its strengths? And what equipment do you use on it? And finally, does anybody agree with me that the T21 would make a perfectly adequate tier VI medium, but is just rather poor as a scout?

    Morphisor 2 Posted 13 December - Sounds like the old Type 62 if you ask me. Mikshe 3 Posted 13 December - Its horrible tank, its retarded Chaffee's brother which does everything worse. Bloodyfox 4 Posted 13 December - I saw new American video,and i didnt like any tank. You can try passive scout role or support allies.

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    Perzel 5 Posted 13 December - Edited by Perzel, 13 December - MikeSaintz 6 Posted 13 December - T21 should be played as a scout. It's good at the job. Not great, but good. Waaaaayy better then the AMX 12t. For anyone that has driven a Chaffee, the playstyle is very similar. The Chaffee is better in every way, but it's MM is even worse. So, it is not an active scout as in "lets go to the enemy base dodging shells" , but it can do active scouting in some maps half court scouting.