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Bored with bedroom antics or looking for thrills, some partners brainstorm places to have sex. Others seize the moment. The trick for all of them is not getting caught, let alone arrested. Yet for some people, getting busted or being seen is half the fun. So make sure to proceed with caution Whether on a hike, out walking, or horseback riding, who can resist the fresh air, warm sun and gentle breezes that beckon your sensual side? Lovers become Adam and Eve as they strip down in the woods, a meadow or a stream.

On a Golf Course. It never happened, but should the opportunity ever present itself, it might be more readily seized with the lowered risk of a cloud-covered night.

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Whether high above a courtyard, above the beach, or city streets, hooking up on a terrace invites the thrill of: Who might look up? Lovers can make a nest of pillows, cushions and sleeping bags as they take in the sky above and the noises around them. For those of you who live in apartment buildings, the rooftop terrace is always an option. This does, though, become riskier if neighbors from other buildings can sneak a peak. In a Department Store. Lovers tend to like shopping together when it involves action in a changing room.

Better yet, they love observing their efforts in the full-length mirror. The idea of it seems very creepy. But people have been known to hook up amongst tombstones.

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At a Bath House. The risk factor involves who you might run into and the stranger sex component, which invites sexual health risks. While swingers clubs are a whole other story, nightclubs see their fair share of couples gone wild.

Some are sex clubs that encourage sexual experimentation. Others are resort clubs, which challenge people to tap into their animal instincts. Moderately-priced accessories and home goods really do it for me. In retrospect, I felt fantastic. I did guilt-buy like four scarves, though.

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My husband and I were young and horny. I wouldn't do it now, but it was fun then. It was clean and had never been used, and we were horny. Then, there was the time we had it in the pews at a different church. I was sitting on his lap and had a coat on my lap. At the time, I was a teen, and it was a rush. We were young and stupid and definitely wouldn't do it now! Looking back, I wouldn't do it now, but might have done it better if we were young again! We live in a suburban area and our neighbors would be able to see us if they were in their yard. He had been in for a few days, and I missed him and wanted to make him feel better!

His room was right by the nurses' desk. We just closed the curtains and that was that. I felt bad ass after. He was hooked up to a heart monitor, and I wonder now if the nurses saw any activity on that and guessed something was going on! It sounded like a good idea at the time, until we got there, and it started raining. There's a place my husband and I used to go as teenagers -- under an old bridge over a dam.

That was pretty cool. Then, there was this this outdoor theater place. We were weirdos back then! If they had opened their door, they would have seen us getting it on.

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It was a long time ago, and I feel fine about it. Yes, the store was open, and my boyfriend was an employee and supposed to be working at the time. Now, I still think that it is funny, especially since I married that boyfriend. But I really don't want my kids to know about it. At work in the bathroom during our shift.

The store was open, and there were other employees working. We were staying with my parents for Christmas, and my brother offered us his room while we were in town. We decided to have a little morning fun, but my brother knocked on the door when things were heating up. I immediately turned away from the door and closed my eyes, while my husband scooted to his side of the bed and covered us up to our necks. I don't think my brother ever realized what happened.

My husband and I laughed about it afterward, but then I thought, 'What if I'd caught a relative having sex in my bed? In the middle of the night, after the rain stopped, my friend-with-benefits and I snuck out into the backyard and ended up behind the shed. I was seeing the bartender at the time. Also, in the back of a movie theater, on a beach at night, in the bathroom of a bar not a stall, a single room , in a parking garage at the mall, near the windmill at Golden Gate Park. The senator's kid was having a party, and my guy at the time [and I] snuck into her parents' bedroom and did it in their very posh shower with a bench.

Now, every time I see that senator in the news I remember that night. Not as fun as it might have sounded. Never doing THAT again! Nothing too crazy, but fun nonetheless.

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I laid on the glass, and my boyfriend stood in the playing place at the end.